Webpage Thumbnailer 1.7

Webpage Thumbnailer 1.7: Convert HTML files to image, generate screenshots/thumbnails of websites. thumbnailer to do this job easily and quickly. The power of such thumbnail images you can measure on your website in terms of usability aspects. Webpage Thumbnailer is very good choice for Web Designers who wants to convert their webpages to images / graphics for customer preview with just few clicks unlike using the Alt + PrtScr (Print Screen) to copy each screen and paste together. Webpage Thumbnailer captures the whole page in a single step and

Adsen Thumbnailer 1.25: A basic image thumbnail generator.
Adsen Thumbnailer 1.25

Adsen Thumbnailer is a simple image thumbnailer used to speed up the process of thumbnailing pictures within an entire folder. In addition, it allows you to rename these images if selected during the thumbnailing process. It also enables you to add a prefix to the thumbnails if you choose to do so. This basic thumbnail generator lets you specify the size of your thumbnails.

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Amiasoft Thumbnailer Thumbnail, organize & display your pictures in a web ready photo gallery!
Amiasoft Thumbnailer

Ready to share all those photos you`ve taken with your digital camera? Thumbnailer is software for creating thumbnails, resizing your digital images, or organizing your images into an HTML-based photo album. You`ll build professional looking photo galleries within minutes of installing Thumbnailer. Numerous pre-defined color schemes, backgrounds an navigation buttons are included to ease you into the process. No HTML knowledge required!

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Web Thumbnailer 1.5: Wizard for creation of an thumbnails from number of pictures, photos, etc.
Web Thumbnailer 1.5

Web Thumbnailer is a wizard for creation of an thumbnails from number of pictures, photos, etc. The thumbnails can be used at your internet site, home or wherever you want it to be. The main feature of the program is an ability to create thumbnails with few mouse-clicks. The wizard style of the program makes mastering and usage of the program easier. More than ten basic options help you to create thumbnails.

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Thumbnailer ActiveX control 4.1: A Thumbnailer control, can display thumbnails of image files.
Thumbnailer ActiveX control 4.1

A Thumbnailer control, can display thumbnails from bitmaps, icons, cursors or metafiles, as well as enhanced metafiles, JPEG, DIB, and animated or static Gif files (supports GIF87a and GIF89a formats). Fully customizable. Limited only by the system resources. In a system, with a Pentium II 350 MHZ, 64 MB RAM and 16 MB display card, can easily handle about 5.000 thumbnails, for small size (<5KB) graphic files.

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Web Thumbnailer 1.0: Web Thumbnailer is an utility to create graphical snapshot of web pages.
Web Thumbnailer 1.0

Thumbnailer is an utility to create graphical snapshot of web pages. It takes a list of URLs as its input and save its output as JPEG or Bitmap images. It has four snapshot types: 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, 1024 width with full-content height, and 800 width with full-content height. It has ability to down-sample images to a specific size. It has also an auto file naming and auto-number prefix features. Web Thumbnailer uses Microsoft Internet Explorer

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CapTrue Thumbnailer 1.7: Thumbnailer: a Windows Media Player plugin for creation of thumbnails images
CapTrue Thumbnailer 1.7

Thumbnailer is a Windows Media Player plugin for creation of thumbnail image files. Load a media file into Windows Media Player, and easily create a thumbnail image of your movie.

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